Genuine Gold-- 宣信牧師

All Quotes Taken from King, Paul L. Genuine Gold: The Cautiously Charismatic Story of the Early Christian and Missionary Alliance, Word and Spirit Press; 2006 ISBN 0-9785352-0-0

  1. 「我們承認屬靈醫治者(就是主耶穌)在五旬節教會所有屬靈恩賜為我們的信仰。」 宣信,1892 “We admit our belief in the presence of the Healer in all the charismata of the Pentecostal church.” p. 36
  2. 「我們相信主的心意傾倒聖靈不僅會在一般方式下進行,也會在特別能力運行時降下。 祂要做在全世界個各地熱誠傳楊福音的基督徒中。」宣信 “We believe it is the plan of the Lord to pour out His Spirit not only in the ordinary but also in the extraordinary gifts and operations of power. He will do this in proportion to相稱the zeal of His people to claim the evangelization of the entire world.” Simpson
  3. 1913年一位宣道會領袖主張: 「宣道會領袖大致同意相信每一個聖靈掌管的教會應該給予說方言的空間。」 這是宣道會的立場,維持了二十年, 但是在1930 年代放棄。In 1913, one Alliance leader asserted: “Alliance leaders are quite agreed in believing that speaking with tongues is one of the gifts of the Spirit and should have a place in every Spirit-controlled church.” This was the Alliance position for 20 more years, but was abandoned in the 1930’s. p. 155

  4. 宣信博士對方言和預言看法Simpson On Tongues and Prophecy:
    「用一些簡單真理的見證發表 。。。不要害怕講出聖靈深放在你心中的信息。。。 以及如果你有簡單的方言型式從你心中流出, 你無法用話語清晰說出 讚美, 一些不能表達喜悅或愛的呼喊, 就用方言說出來!」“Come out with your simple testimony of some truth… Fear not to speak the message with the Holy Spirit has burned into your soul… And if you have in some simple form the old gift of tongues welling up in your heart, some hallelujah which you could not put into articulate speech, some unutterable cry of love or joy, out with it!” p. 39

  5. 宣信和一些早期的宣道會領袖們相信, 每一個本地教會應該有些人說方言,且基督徒應該願意接受這個恩賜, 如果聖靈要賞賜的話。說方言,不能禁止。Simpson and other early Alliance leaders believed that every local church should have some who speak in tongues, and that every believer should be willing to receive the gift if the Spirit desires it. They should not be forbidden. p. 292

  6. 羅伯特傑弗瑞 (Robert Jaffray), 中國南方主席, 按照他說了方言的經驗, 檢驗如下Robert Jaffray, Field Director in South China testifying upon his experience in tongues: 1.比以前更愛主且明 白上帝的話。A deeper love for, and understanding of, the Word of God than ever before. 2. 明白絕對不是因自己能力, 乃是在禱告中奉上帝大能的名和耶穌的寶血 。A knowledge of my utter strengthlessness and of the power of the Name and the Blood of Jesus in prayer as never before.3.比以前更能見證上帝和講道更有力。An unction in witnessing and preaching greater than ever before.4. 因為靠主, 使我每天控制那難以管理的舌頭。A control of the “unruly member” in daily life since the Lord took peculiar charge of my tongue 5.更清楚明白聖靈大能的工作及邪靈在現今末世的作為。 A clearer understanding of the mighty works of the Holy Spirit and of evil spirits, in these last days of the present age. p. 103-104

  7. 「沒有經過聖靈祂自己透過上帝的話來驗證諸靈,我們不需要接受在屬靈的聚會發生的每一件事.」“We must not accept everything that occurs even in a deeply spiritual meeting, without trying the spirits by the Word which the Holy Spirit Himself has given.”
  8. 洞悉諸靈On Discernment of spirits:
    宣信曾經說過, 當船靠進異教地區時, 他在甲板上能感受魔鬼攻擊能力。Simpson once said that he could feel the demon powers attack when on ship board, and nearing a heathen land. p. 269

  9. 「辨別諸靈的恩賜是放在最後兩個屬靈恩賜(就是說方言和翻譯方言的恩賜)是值得注意的。 有一個特別的須要, 用辨別諸靈能力區別來源的真假。」“It is quite remarkable that this gift immediately precedes the last two, namely, tongues and interpretation of tongues. There is a peculiar need for the power to distinguish between the false and the true.” p. 269

  10. 使用測試諸靈的方法在約翰一書4: 1 Use the method testing spirits in 1 John 4:1:
    試驗諸靈, 避免冒假恩賜的危險, 且被某些屬靈的領袖, 因強而有力的影響和催眠控制, 力勸將自己全然敞開以致給惡者傾入機會 . Try the spirits, avoid the dangers of counterfeit gifts and the “abandonment” urged by certain spiritual leaders that would throw our whole being open to any powerful influence and hypnotic control which the enemy might wish to exercise. p. 106

  11. 有一位從離開神召會又重返宣道會的傳道人, 寫了一本小冊子書名 “所有的人說方言嗎?” 他在該書裡爭論的地方是, 所有的人應該說方言, 且當他們要見證福音或服事靈魂時, 尋求說方言來表明被聖靈充滿. “我完全確定許多人為了服事而被聖靈充滿, 但並未以說方言來彰顯. 同時, 另一方面我也確定許多人似乎說方言, 沒有被受聖靈洗(1879)。 One Assemblies of God pastor left the Assemblies to return to the CMA, writing a booklet entitled: “Do All Speak in Tongues?” In it he argues against the position that all should speak in tongues, and “seeking for a physical manifestation (of tongues) when they ought to be witnessing and laboring for souls. “I am absolutely certain that many who receive the most powerful baptism for service do not receive the manifestation of speaking in tongues. And I am just as certain on the other hand, that many who seemingly speak in tongues, are not, nor have ever been baptized in the spirit (1879).

  12. 宣信對說預言 Simpson on Prophecy:
    「不要憑印象, 而是要用上帝的話查驗,不要用意測, 且竭力用超自然的知識言語解說預言。有關在假基督徒的先知顯明出來的預言現象要特別小心。。。不要 把先知當做算命。」“Do not depend on impressions, but check them out with the Word, interpret prophecy, but not to speculate, and to strain for a supernatural word. Be especially careful about psychic phenomena appearing in the guise of Christian prophecy. Do not regard prophecy like fortune telling. ” p. 269

  13. 有關其他的屬靈信仰及操練 On other charismatic beliefs and practices:
    「衣服充滿聖靈醫治的力量是一些真理的外觀,但是出現有一些人就做手帕的生意好像江湖郎中和騙子一樣。」宣信 “There is some semblance of truth to the charging of clothing with the power of the Holy Spirit for healing, but there are some who have gone into the handkerchief business as charlatans and pretenders.” Simpson p. 271

  14. 極端的禁食和缺乏市睡眠 Extremes in fasting and lack of sleep:
    「有人把自己關在小房間裡, 數星期禁食禱告, 沒有適當運動營養或睡覺, 或者沒有注意到心, 靈的改變, 造成他們很容易看到異像或作夢, 但這些不總是從上而來的。」宣信 “Good people who shut themselves up in cells and closets in weeks of fasting and prayer without proper exercise, nourishment or sleep, or without any change of mental or spiritual attention, are very apt to see visions and dream dreams that do not always come from above.” Simpson p. 278

  15. 使徒和先知On apostles and prophets:
    「某些人宣稱先知的權威是人的良心, 因此許多男女將個人實際的責任帶到先知面前尋求諮商和指引, 而不直接去找我們的救世主, 應順從上帝非順從人。有好幾個例子講到,一些主內弟兄姐妹去找這類新的先知, 幾乎就像一般的世人去求問有特殊法力的人或算命仙一樣。」“Prophetic authority which certain persons are claiming over the consciences of others and men and women are seeking counsel and guidance from them in practical matters of private duty, instead of looking directly to the Anointing which they have received of Him and obeying God rather than men. It is said in some instances Christian men and women go to these new prophets almost as the world goes to the clairvoyant and fortuneteller. ” p. 312

  16. 使徒和先知On apostles and prophets:
    「真正的使徒和先知是謙卑的,不會到處聲張。」“Real apostles and prophets are modest, not announcing themselves. ”

  17. 「抹油按手導禱告應該與醫治無關, 而是象徵與聖靈的誓約, 是加強信心的一個方法, 是在教會的長執和有病的會友之間一個溝通的關點, 就是為他抹油禱告 。」 “The laying on of hands and anointing with oil should be regarded “not as a remedy, but as a pledge of the mighty virtue of the Holy Spirit, as a means of strengthening faith, a point of contact of communion between the sick one and members of the Church who are called to anoint him with oil. ” p. 300

  18. 有關1906年 一些Azusa Street 教會復興表明:「我們的屬靈的經驗必須帶有十字架印記。」 In 1906 with regard to some of the Azusa Street Revival manifestations: “Our religious experiences must have the mark of the cross on them.” p. 57

  19. 對於信心的醫治On Faith healing:
    「我們不要讓人稱我們是醫治者和了不起工人, 但要簡單見證耶穌的能力成就上帝的應許。」宣信 “We do not claim to be healers and wonderworkers, but simply witnesses for the power of Jesus to do all He has promised.” Simpson p. 25

  20. 「真的屬靈恩賜最大的見證是謙虛和接受上帝話語的權柄。」 宣信
    “The greatest evidence of genuine spiritual gifts is humility and acceptance of the authority of the Word.” Simpson p. 84

  21. 1919年美國宣道會副主席 保羅雷德 (Paul Rader) 告誡 : “對聖靈的熱情, 不是宗教的狂熱。」In 1919 VP Paul Rader cautioned: “Have the passion of the Holy Ghost, not the fire of fanaticism.” p. 189

  22. Shibley:「大的不幸就是當你接受聖靈充滿,但 仍然論斷別人, 不能控制自己的口舌。」“It is sheer disaster to accept any expression of being filled with the Holy Spirit is not so much speaking in another tongue as controlling the tongue you have! ” p. 312

  23. 「不要尋求特殊恩賜, 而是要接受聖靈認為我們配得且最好的恩賜。」 “It is not ours to seek a particular gift but to receive the gift which He, the Holy Spirit, sees best to give us.” p. 252

  24. 然而現代信心老師都強調豐盛。 宣信引述德國的神祕家約翰陶樂 (John Tauler)說:「我從未經歷過不豐盛, 因為如何和上帝同在。」
    Whereas modern faith teachers put a high emphasis on prosperity, Simpson quotes the German mystic John Tauler, saying: “I have never been unprosperous, for I know how to live with God. ” p. 301

  25. 宣信在1907年寫道: 「我們在這時刻。。。當我們可以期待恩雨。。。」宣道會證實恩雨降下, 但不接受所有恩雨的教導, 有時候他們的教導超過聖經的教導 。Simpson wrote in 1907: “We are in the time… when we may expect this latter rain…” The C&MA affirmed that the Latter Rain was falling, but did not accept all Latter Rain teaching, which sometimes went beyond the clear teaching of scripture.” p. 266

  26. 宣信的文章標題 「上帝的炸藥」(爆發力) (The Dynamite of God):
    聖靈洗特別在代禱裡顯明 。 有時候聖靈洗會在歡喜若狂的讚美話語中, 以及適用在見證, 警告, 安慰, 或鼓勵的先知信息的彰顯。
    “The baptism of the Spirit is especially manifest in intercession. Sometimes it is manifest in ecstatic tongues of praise and special messages of prophetic appropriateness in testimony, warning, comfort, or encouragement.”

  27. 「求上帝使用我們成為祂所謂的電動工具(有力、有用的器具)!」“Ask God for “power tools!”

  28. 對於聖餐On Holy Communion:
    「主立聖餐是蒙祝福健康醫治的恩典管道不單單是一個紀念。」宣信“The Lord’s supper is a “channel of grace” for blessing, health, and healing, not merely a memorial.” Simpson p. 46

  29. “是一個方法配合且克服宗教狂熱, 不是反對所有的不平常的屬靈的表現 而是接受確實從神來的聖靈。 然後從朋友的關點溫和地且智慧地糾正 那誇張的靈的表現。 如果你採取的是批評的立場, 就成為屬靈恩賜的敵人。“The way to meet and overcome fanaticism is not to oppose all unusual spiritual manifestations, but to accept that which is truly of the Lord and then from the standpoint of a friend gently and wisely correct the spirit of extravagance which you can never do if you take your place among the critics and the enemies of “spiritual gifts.” p. 106

  30. 關於異象Concerning Visions:
    「不要拆毀你信心的根基, 而是要增加」宣信
    “Do not tear up the foundations of your faith, but add to them.” Simpson

  31. 關於積極承認耶穌Concerning Positive Confessions of Jesus:
    「我們必須承認祂是監護師和拯救者。。。我們必須說出來,不能只感到而已」宣信 “We must confess Him as our Guardian and Deliverer… We must say it as well as feel it.” Simpson p. 304

  32. 「信心沒有承認(宣告)是死的」宣信 “Faith will die without confession.” Simpson


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